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Imagine a lavish nightlife experience in the heart of uptown Charlotte-centered around luxury
and world class hospitality. An experience so rare, yet so necessary. Now go and prepare
yourselves, because that experience is here! Life is a privilege, indulge!

In addition to a scenic and eventful uptown location, Privilege Charlotte has:
– 2 fully stocked bars
– 25 VIP Lounges
– 20 Flat screen TV’s
– State of the art sound systems
– 2 Rooms/ 2 Experiences.

Charlotte Magazine (excerpt) (link to charlotte magazine here)

It’s not a privilege for you to come here. It’s our privilege to serve you.” That’s how Shawn Kennedy described his intentions for the new uptown nightclub.

Privilege is located on South Brevard Street, just two blocks from Time Warner Cable Arena, in walking distance from other popular attractions, and is surrounded by several large parking lots (plus, the club is leasing the United Way’s parking lot next door so that its guests may park there for free after 6 p.m.). All of this equates to Privilege being in a prime location, but, as you know, there’s an increasing number of nightlife options in uptown.

Kennedy, who’s owned and operated Allure Restaurant and Lounge for the past five years in the South End/Wilmore area, says he’s embracing the bountiful and competitive uptown scene.

“I see it as an asset,” he says. “It’s a good thing that a lot more [bars and nightclubs] have opened up, because now people are going out a lot. I think we’ll help define what Charlotte’s nightlife will be.”

Privilege is a large space and is actually two clubs in one. Housed on the first floor of the historic Mecklenburg Investment Company building, a circa 1922 brick structure that was an important part of Second Ward’s black “Main Street” in the early twentieth century (there’s an historical marker out front), there were limits to what Kennedy could do to the façade of the nationally registered building. But on the inside, he’s completely transformed it. He’s put in new wood floors, velvet wall paper imported from London, chandeliers, bars, and several leather couches.

The main entrance brings you into the foyer that sits between two large rooms. The right side will be used as sort of a “day club,” while the left will be your traditional nightclub. During large events and parties, both rooms will be used at the same time, and there will also be the option for two separate parties to take place simultaneously.

But even with all of the refined finishes, Kennedy asserts that catering to his clientele, which he describes as a “twenty-five and up, professional crowd who looks for an experience; not a night out but an experience,” is most important.

“I based this on venues I’ve experienced in Vegas and Paris, where the level of customer service, physically and cosmetically, that they provide—I don’t feel that I receive in this market. So I’m trying to provide a venue that will give you that customer service, that when you walk out of here [the staff] knows your name. You’re not just someone who came in here and spent a few dollars, but you’re actually a part of the Privilege family.”



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